01/20- 02/18

Rationalists of the zodiac, Aquarius individuals are motivating and visionary. They bring change any place they proceed to will do whatever is important to improve the state of everyone around them.


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Aquarius Traits

Those conceived between January 20 and February 18 are viewed as the savants of the zodiac. They are scholarly people with incredible compassionate spirits.

Aquariuses love having mind-animating discussions and attempting new things. They are enraptured by sharp and lively individuals.

In actuality, Aquarius individuals abhor routine and anything that has to do with consistency. They attempt to avoid individuals who can’t help contradicting their thoughts and anything that can restrict their activities.

It is very simple to talk about with Aquarius, as they can adjust their conduct to the individual before them. The planet Uranus makes them be dynamic masterminds and compassionate people.

Being an air sign, Aquarius is portable, versatile and vigorous. This zodiac sign is administered by the eleventh house which speaks to companions, higher dreams and expectations.

  • Positive Traits
  • Negative Traits

Those brought into the world under the Aquarius star sign are steadfast and satisfying characters. They are interested and thoughtful people, really intrigued and cautious to how they live their lives.

Their greatest quality is spoken to by the reality they are so genuine and persevering. These individuals are brimming with sincerity and eagerness so it is simple for everybody to like them.

Different Aquarius characteristics incorporate them being friendly and their wide personalities, keen on learning new things. They have a satisfying character as well as snappy to get new data and are additionally philanthropic enough to share what they know with everyone around them.

A triumphant Aquarius realizes how to utilize their trustworthiness and ubiquity among their companions to improve their lives.

Learning when to quit abiding in past errors or in their own shortcomings and shortcomings is one thing Aquarius needs to do.

They are on occasion unreasonable and difficult with their fixed thoughts. They are unapproachable on the most fundamental level however they attempt to conceal their ponderousness by being excessively amiable and agreeable.

They are inclined to state of mind changes and can become anxious when others don't concur with what they need to state about something.

They are cold and disconnected on the grounds that they continue abstaining from demonstrating any sort of evident feeling to others. Aquarius shortcomings incorporate being effortlessly diverted and significantly simpler to aggravate.

They now and again act erratically and on different occasions they come up short on any good judgment rationale. Aquarius people can improve their life in the event that they quit acting like they know everything since it drives individuals away as well as they will in general become extremely haughty and independent.

Your Compatibility

Love Match for Aquarius: Sagittarius

A relentless accomplice, Sagittarius individuals don’t take no for an answer and put enthusiasm into everything that has to do with affection.

These locals are known for reaching skyward in all issues of life, in this way they are likewise extremely bombastic with regards to adore.

Career Match for Aquarius: Virgo

Virgo locals are well on the way to be experienced in a workplace that is composed and productive. These individuals appreciate keeping everything flawless and correctly orchestrated.

They are so engaged and meticulous that they scarcely commit any errors and regardless of whether this occurs, they are exceptionally proactive and first to hop to fix things.

Health Match for Aquarius: Leo

Their general health has once in a while introduced a major enthusiasm for Leo individuals.

They appear to be bold and view themselves as insusceptible to any medical problem.

They take what life gives them and face any result of their way of life boldly, even though when they are in a genuine scene, they do whine.